I have friends who don't go out at all with their new baby, because it's just entirely too much work. The baby constantly needs to be entertained, is throwing everything in their reach off the table, and making a mess with their food. Beth Fynbo may have found the solution. It's called the Busy Baby Mat.


She said after going out with some friends, she realized how bad she needed something to keep her little one busy at restaurants, but wasn't able to find anything online. So she created it!

The website describes Busy Baby as "a placemat that adheres to any smooth, flat surface and has a proprietary tether system that allows you to attach the baby’s items to the mat. They are easy to use AND to clean. It’s all made from 100% food grade, FDA approved silicone. Plus, it's dishwasher safe. The mats roll up and fit easily in most diaper bags and purses."

A Kickstarter campaign launches on Saturday, September 1st. The goal is to reach 3,000 preorders so the Busy Baby Mat can hit shelves by early 2019.

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