There have been quite a few restaurants in Minnesota that have been featured on the Food Network channel. However, unfortunately none from Rochester. Here are the places in town that totally deserve a spot on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives.

Cheap Charlies - Located in downtown, with a giant pig atop the building, it's by far the best place (in my opinion) for a huge and delicious breakfast at a super low price.

Roscoe's - I can't get enough of Roscoe's! Every summer, we bike over (at least once a month) to partake in the meat platter and jojo potatoes.

Charlie's Eatery and Pub - Live music, karaoke and amazing food! Need I say more?

Opa! Opa!! - You know what they say - once you go Greek, you never go back! Ok, so they don't actually say that, but seriously, we are so fortunate to have so many delicious Greek restaurants in town!

Brother's Bar and Grill - Another place known for their spectacular breakfast. They have a lot of homemade dishes on their menu that are must try. A full bar and big, greasy burgers def a plus.


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