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A new study proves that Rochester is better equipped than any other midsized city in the country to deal with situations like the COVID-19 pandemic. AdvisorSmith looked at data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service to see which cities have the most ICU beds per capita. Their report ranked the Med-City #1 and said Rochester has 99.2 ICU beds per 100,000 residents which is way more than the national average for similar-sized cities - "For midsize cities nationwide, the average number of ICU beds was 24 per 100,000 population" Read the full study here.

Meanwhile, Mayo Clinic has explained the next step in their plan to get the COVID vaccine to patients. They say, those who are "at least 75-years-old and "frontline essential workers" like firefighters, police, transit employees, postal workers, grocery workers, teachers, and day care" are next in line. After that, the plan calls for vaccinating "people age 65 and older, plus anyone age 16–64 with a high-risk condition and "other essential workers".

Minnesota's COVID-19 pandemic emergency was extended another 30 days on Wednesday as the state reported just over 1,500 new cases and 50 coronavirus related deaths.

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