Roo Yori, who's a local fan favorite, plans to compete on the popular TV series for the third straight year!

My wife and I had just moved into our first home as a family, and it was around this time our daughter finally started sleeping through the night. Using this to our advantage, we would begin our nighttime ritual with her around 7:00 so we could have her in bed by 7:30, this way we could watch some of our favorite shows together... one of those being American Ninja Warrior!

While watching the show one night, we suddenly overheard the announcers say one of the athletes was from Rochester, Minnesota! We instantly fell in love with Roo's story and became obsessed with watching every week to see him compete!

So now that he's shared the news of his impending third season on the show, I can't wait to watch:


If you'd like to donate to his amazing cause that he mentioned above, you can donate to his Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation HERE.

I had the pleasure of meeting Roo this fall, and he's as nice of a guy in person as you see on TV. He even let us set up our own obstacle course at J.E.T.S. in Rochester, and coached us throughout the video. It was awesome, and despite the fact I may have suffered a concussion (see below) we all had so much fun!

So good luck, Roo! We can wait to see you compete, and win season 10 of AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR!

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