He may have fallen before finishing the course, but Rochester's own K9 Ninja is heading on to the Minneapolis City Finals on the popular NBC show.

If you were watching 'American Ninja Warrior' on NBC Monday, you might have missed Roo Yori's run last night. It took place, of course, outside US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, and was shot overnight back in May (when it FINALLY warmed up in Minnesota this spring) but the episode didn't air until this week.

That's because they only showed Roo in a quick clip, right after they returned from a commercial break (and before NBC News interrupted the episode to cover President Trump's Supreme Court nomination announcement.)

In the recap, they only showed Roo running the incredibly-tough course, and getting tripped up on hanging pads part of the qualifying course. After that, both my wife and I thought that might be the end of our hometown Ninja hero.

Not so fast, though! Because of his time on the course, Roo DID finish in the top 30 of qualifiers, and is moving on to the Minneapolis City Finals! Woo hoo!

Of course, knowing how NBC's production schedule works, the Minneapolis City Finals were filmed the next night after the Minneapolis Regional Finals-- meaning Roo has actually already competed in the Finals. He just can't talk about it until that episode airs. No word yet from NBC on when that will be.

Whenever it is, though, we'll be watching-- and cheering for-- you, Roo! Way to go! If you didn't see it Monday night, you can watch the entire Minneapolis episode of 'American Ninja Warrior' HERE.

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