Halloween has come and gone already and now Starbucks has their holiday cups out, because apparently as soon as it's November it's time for the holidays! Don't get me wrong I love Christmas but how about we wait until after Thanksgiving.

Anyway! I wanted to keep the Halloween spirit going another day and talk about the adorable pet costumes you all shared with me yesterday!

On our Facebook page, I asked to see your pet's Halloween costumes and let me tell you, they're all so adorable! But I wanted to see which pet costumes were the most popular in Rochester this year. So, based on your photos, here are the top 8!

8. Dragon

7. Devil

6. Pirate

5. Bee

4. Taco

3. Super Heros

2. Witch

And the number one pet costume in Rochester this year:

a Beanie Baby!

To be honest, I feel like an idiot because when I saw the first person post their pet's beanie baby costume I was like "Oh that's such a good idea, I should do that!" and then more pictures started to come in and I realized that I'm the only one that never thought of that costume. Next year!

Thank you so much for sharing those pictures with me! If you want to check them all out, here's the post:


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