The hype has been building for quite some time now, and next week we'll all finally get to see the finished product.

Back in February we caught word that a local business was ready to slice their way into having a permanent spot at Soldiers Field... and no, I'm not talking about slicing golf balls either - but Deliciously Twisted Pizza instead.

Credit: Twisted Barrel Pizza/Derrick Chapman
Credit: Twisted Barrel Pizza/Derrick Chapman

Twisted Barrel Wood Fired Pizza owner (and manager) Derrick Chapman went Live on Facebook that February evening to announce something fans of his brand have long been waiting for: His food truck is finally getting a permanent location, which if all goes well this season, could one day be open all year-round!

When reached for comment on why Derrick made the leap to expand beyond his current mobile operation he said:

"I couldn’t pass this spot up, it was affordable and we were at the tipping point for growth again. It was either buy another truck and trailer or get a permanent spot. I wanted to show people I can cook more than pizza. I have love for food and am constantly learning."

While known for his delicious wood-fired pizzas, Chapman says he also plans to introduce several appetizers, four new burgers (served with tots or sweet potato fries), a pair of salads and wraps, plus a few options for the kids and a dessert menu to be added later.

If you're like me and can't wait to try it all out, The Grand Opening will be next Friday, April 27 4-8 P.M. and is located at 244 East Soldiers Field Dr SW in Rochester.

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