A thief was caught on camera stealing a plant outside of the Tap House. In the video, which you can see below, the woman can be seen struggling to move the heavy planter back to her car and getting no help from her man - which was hilariously pointed out by the Tap House.

On Facebook they posted: “Oh Hey!!!” Did your mother never teach you that stealing is wrong?? Determination drives strength.. and DAMN...You strong! You must REALLY need this plant! More than we need this plant! Girlfriend.. you keep it! From the looks of it... you have bigger problems...Your boyfriend wouldn’t even help you load it in the car!!! Woman to woman... you should really “re-think” him! A real man would have opened the door... AND loaded it! We got your back Boo!!! Enjoy that plant!"

The plant prowler must have felt guilty because she did eventually return the plant. The Tap House provided another update several hours later that read: "UPDATE!!!! Awe!!!! She did the RIGHT thing...sort-a (she got a little help from a friend!)A tip for the future Ladies...ALWAYS bend with the knees!!!!"


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