As if Twitter wasn't already in the hot seat for giving President Donald Trump more leeway as a user of it than any other high profile users (like Rose McGowan), his account got deactivated by a rouge employee on their last day on the job. No joke. Trumps account was down for 11 minutes while Twitter scrambled to figure out what was going on. As someone that works on websites by trade, I found this situation to be shocking. Whoever had the "keys" to deactivate his account had to have been someone with some high credentials. I can't imagine just any Twitter employee having this sort of security access.

Trumps account gave a "Sorry this page doesn't exist" around 7pm tonight. At first Twitter thought it was done inadvertently and posted this status:

But things got serious and escalated real quick I am sure behind the scenes and two hours later this was posted:

Whoever this maverick was, the Twitter universe went nuts. Here's some of the most hilarious tweets.




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