Here's a juicy rumor for you: a reality television show set in Minnesota might be coming to a television screen near you. The show hasn't been confirmed but there are rumblings about it online.

This might seem random but Minnesota seems to be the place to be these days! We have quite a few Minnesota connections already when it comes to reality television. A few former leads of The Bachelorette were born and raised in Minnesota and went on to reality fame.

Another popular reality star is from Minnesota. He is from Eveleth and stars on Bravo's popular hit Summer House. He is so Minnesotan that he often gets made fun of on the show - but all in good fun.

A few of the main stars of the popular ghost hunting drama Destination Fear also call Minnesota home. Dakota Laden, along with his sister Chelsea, is from Minnesota and still spends time here often. So many reality television connections, so little time!

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Now, another reality show might be coming to a television screen near you - straight from Minnesota! That is the tea that a popular Instagram account spilled over the weekend. The page is called Bravo & Cocktails and they share rumors about all of your favorite reality shows. Most of what they share ends up being true!

They share behind-the-scenes information and tidbits about cast members from the most popular reality shows on their page. Two pieces of information they shared over the weekend really caught my attention.

Sadly, the posts were shared on Instagram story, which means they expire within twenty-four hours. On Saturday (June 4th), they shared a tip they received from one of their followers, who remained anonymous. The follower asked if they had heard anything about a new Bravo show filming around Minneapolis and Lake Minnetonka!

According to the person who sent in the tip, the show is going to be called Northern Charm. It should be noted there is already a popular reality show on Bravo called Southern Charm, so this would be a similar show but a different geographical location.

A different follower of the page weighed in anonymously, saying they saw a bunch of filming going on last summer on Lake Minnetonka. The person shared they "saw them a lot" at this time last year. Hmmmm, sounds like something is definitely up!

Like I said, nothing is confirmed and many shows are filmed and never see the light of day. We will have to wait it out and see if this show becomes a reality, no pun intended. I hope it does because it would be fun to have a reality show filmed in Minnesota!

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