Put your hands in the air, and wave them like you just don't care, because I don't have armpit hair, and never will! ;) Hi, you want to know what it's like getting laser hair removal from someone that's done it, right? Well, here I am!

I was reading a Rochester Mom's Blog about an experience one of their bloggers had going under the laser, and her experience was quite a bit different than mine. She wrote, "during the appointment, it does hurt. Let’s be real…they’re shooting a laser on your skin." Now, she did a different area than I did. She's referring to her bikini line here. I did my armpits. I've heard from other people that the armpits are actually more sensitive. For me, it wasn't bad. It's such a quick process, and the best I can describe it is like tiny little rubber bands snapping you. Each armpit took about a minute - no lie. And it's significantly less painful than waxing.

I too tried the Groupon idea that Roch Mom talks about. I found a random place up in the cities but quickly learned you get what you pay for. I did 6 treatments in the cities, and while my hair growth was stopped temporarily, it didn't last forever. Fast forward 5 years, I was back to shaving every day. I would highly recommend asking about their guarantee. If they are charging you by the session, chances are they want you to come back. Just my experience.

Have I done any other area? No, not yet! Keyword - yet.

Would I recommend doing it? Do you love shaving every day? Seriously, that's my answer!


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