This was my second trip to D6 Games in the past month, and from the moment I walked in I was immediately thrown into the fold... and 48 hours later, I still don't know how to fully describe it!

Before I jump into my experience Saturday, let me first tell you what D6 Games LLC is all about. Located 3160 Wellner Drive NE they have everything from Dungeons and Dragons to Pokemon to anything you’re into. With 200+ games to choose from, there’s something for everyone for sure.

The family run business is headed by owner Chris Fursa, his brother Matt, his son walker and nephew Nate. They truly know their stuff when it comes to these games and their passionate fan-base and look forward to you stopping in soon to check it out for yourself.


Now after I walked in I was greeted by Chris and a room full of excited gamers. Seeing such a packed house really made me glad I was there because I knew right then and there I was going to learn something new.

Before I could snap a few pics on my phone, Chris suggested I sit down with a local DM (Dungeon Master) named Jason, and Mark and learn a game called "Dungeon Crawl". Dungeon Crawl, which is much like Dungeons and Dragons, is a RPG (Role Playing Game). You can set yourself in a world with monsters, alien, even robots and you just simply tell a story with other players in your group.

The DM basically oversees the events in the adventure you embark on within the game and helps explain any and all obstacles you encounter.

Having never played a RPG outside of the occasional Nintendo or Playstation game, I didn't have a clue on what I was getting myself into, but Jason, Mark and Chris briefly explained to me the rules of Dungeon Crawl and just like that we were off!

I won't get into too much detail with what my particular adventure was about, but with every roll of the dice I kept getting more and more into the game. Jason did a fantastic job in answering any questions I had, no matter how stupid they had to sound coming from a novice such as myself, and my time flew by fairly quickly before it was time for me to leave.

Both Chris and all the gamers there made me feel extremely welcome and were more than anxious to show me how to play. It's one of those things were you have to go into it with an open mind and willingness to learn something new, and I did both of those Saturday and I walked out with a new appreciation of these games. I had a ton of fun!

Next month on June 17, D6 Games is planning on hosting another event for RPG Day. Plans are still in the works but once they're available I'll be sure and pass those along here. But in the meantime, I highly recommend you stop in and check this place out with your kids, or for yourself if you're a hard-core gamer because it is legit.

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