Too many people spend time stressing over their diet, and what they should or shouldn’t eat. It's mainly because today’s world is filled with magazine covers sporting perfectly toned, perfectly tanned models who constantly make us feel inadequate.

Well, to that I say, if for only one day, just let go and enjoy life a little!

Today, May 11th, is 'National Eat What You Want Day.'

This unofficial holiday allows people to take one day from the year and indulge in their favorite foods guilt-free. And if you already do this on the regular, then let's just pretend for the sake of this blog that you don't, okay? :)

Below are several meals I've found in Rochester that might not be the best for your waistline, but they are absolutely delicious. Get out and treat yourself on this fake holiday.

  • newts facebook
    newts facebook

    Newt's Marvin Burger

    Honestly, any burger from Newts could be listed on here but I'll go with my favorite. It's a bacon cheddar cheese burger with... chipotle sauce! I like to add crispy onions as well for an added crunch. I seriously could eat two of these every time we visit. So in case you haven't indulged in one yet, you've got to roll into one of their four locations in town and try one because you're missing out!

  • Credit: Beetles via Facebook
    Credit: Beetles via Facebook

    Hot Ham & Cheese at Beetles Bar & Grill

    It's honestly a toss up between their Chicken Cordon Bleu sandwich and this, but I'll always go with this one because they do it right. It's grilled sourdough bread topped with shaved ham and melted American cheese, although I'll substitute it with Swiss instead. But really, anything you order off Beetle's menu is soooo good!

  • Credit: Wildwood via Facebook
    Credit: Wildwood via Facebook

    Buffalo Wings at Wildwood Sports Bar and Grill

    If I'm craving wings, I'll always go here. Why? Because they're as big as a toddler's fist! I mean, if you're paying for a plate of wings, you might as well get your money's worth, and Wildwood certainly delivers! Every. Time.

  • Credit: BB's via Facebook
    Credit: BB's via Facebook

    BB's Pizzeria

    BB's Pizzeria was the first place I visited to eat when I first moved to town over 10 years ago, and it's still my go-to pizzeria. My wife and I even had our first date there. I just love their sauce and their crust is always perfect!

  • Credit: Whistle Binkies via Facebook
    Credit: Whistle Binkies via Facebook

    El Cubano at Whistle Binkies Olde World Pub

    Dunken and I could talk about all the great food they serve their all day long, because we both agree this is one of our favorite places to visit. But while he'd go the route of their Hot Turkey Sandwich plate, I prefer their El Cubano! It's got smoked pulled pork, pit ham, swiss cheese, sliced pickles and yellow mustard on a toasted hoagie bun. I'm a real snob when it comes to Cuban sandwiches, so believe me when I say this is one of the best I've ever had.

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