I have no idea what my wife and I are getting ourselves into, but what I do know is we're doing it ourselves!

Once we learned we weren't paying money into the government for taxes this year, my wife Danielle decided we're finally going to start updating our home a little bit. Our first project? Our ugly and outdated counter tops in the kitchen.

Luckily for us, Home Depot recently had a special on counter tops (how convenient?) and Danielle immediately pounced! So a couple hundred dollars later, we're having them installed this-coming weekend.

I should be more excited about it, but at the same time I'm super nervous because then my wife comes up with the brilliant idea to put in a backsplash, too... as in, do it all ourselves!

Oh, boy.

home depot
Scotty's wife getting a tutorial during a Home Depot workshop

I'm by no means a handyman and I have no business doing any kind of remodeling to my own house, but she insisted and this past weekend signed us up for a class to learn how to install a backsplash at Home Depot!

I had no idea they did these, but they have a ton of self-help classroom-type workshops all the time that teach you how to do things yourself, from installing your own backsplash to spring lawn preparation.

The have some fun workshops for kids, too!

Our workshop only took about an hour on Saturday and it was super fun. Our instructor Brad was very helpful and let us cut our own tile so we knew what we were getting ourselves into.

So, in case you're like my family and want to try and save some money by doing it yourself, I suggest you give these classes a try because it sure beats going into a project blind without any help whatsoever.

But stay tuned, because I'll be posted before and after pictures when it's all said and done... Wish me luck!

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