National treasure Betty White turned 95 Tuesday!

To celebrate, I spent the whole afternoon (don't tell my boss) searching for some of the best Betty White moments on the interwebs.

Here's what I came up with:

  • 1

    Snickers Super Bowl Commercial

    This will always go down as one of my favorite commercials ever because of one simple line:

    "That's not what your girlfriend said."

    Also, Betty sure can take a hit!

  • 2

    "Is Betty White Older Than?"

    Nobody should complain about feeling too old after watching this! For her 94th birthday, Betty appeared on The Late Late Show and played a game called "Is Betty White Older Than?" James Corden quizzes Reggie Watts and Amar'e Stoudemire on whether Betty White was born before or after certain things, like the creation of Disney... it was a great bit that showed off both her humor and charm. She's still got it.

  • 3

    Betty White Lets Ryan Reynolds Know Who the Star Is

    Ever see the movie "The Proposal"? You should because it's hilarious, and that's because Betty plays a huge role in it. In this short from Funny or Die, Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock sit down and talk about their upcoming film and Betty just so happens to be walking onto set during the interview...

    Who knew she was this feisty?

    **NSFW Language**

  • 4

    Best of Betty White on Golden Girls

    Betty White played Rose Nyland from 1985-1992... so this wouldn't be a true list without some highlights from the hit sitcom 'Golden Girls!'

  • 5

    Saving the Best for Last...

    I'm saving the best for last! Betty appeared on 'Saturday Night Live' a number of times, but hosted it back in May of 2010. This is my all-time favorite skit where she appeared on the "Delicious Dish" with hosts Ana Gasteyer and Molly Shannon. Much like Alec Baldwin's 'Schweaty Balls' skit that was such a hit years before, Betty brings one of her own recipes to the table and it really gets the audience going...

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