I love a good song mashup!

After you’ve listened to a song often enough that you can sing the whole thing karaoke-style, you can either move on to new music or try to approach it in a new way.

Since we can all happily laugh off that first option, let’s take a look at a way that popular songs have been given new life: mashups.

Whether it be musical portions that are blended into each other for effect or mixtures of instrumentation with vocals, I can guarantee once you hear the right one you'll fall in love with your favorite music all over again.

For example, someone like DJ Earworm, who's been cranking out his yearly "United State of Pop" mashups since 2008, is a master at mashups!

These songs feature all your favorite hits from the past year and are truly amazing if you sit and actually think about it. The time and effort it takes to put together these songs are seriously a work of art. You can listen to all of those HERE.

Below are my favorite mashups, including one I just heard the other day:

  • 1

    Sweet Home Country Grammar

    All-time favorite mashup and it's not even close.

    Because neither track needed to be altered to pair them up so beautifully is a testament to the fact that good music is universal.

  • 2

    Closer in Da Club

    Being a huge fan of both 50 Cent and NIN, I love to jam out to this one to this day... and after you push play below, I guarantee you'll be hooked as well.

    **WARNING: NSFW Language**

  • 3

    Earth, Wind & Ozzys

    This is a mashup I literally heard just the other day and it's already in my Top 3! You can't tell me this wouldn't have been a hit back in the day on the disco floor! Brilliant.

  • 4

    Rock in Black

    This is a giant hodgepodge of songs and musicians from all over the place... but my god, it all works!

    Everything from Queen, to AC/DC, to Led Zeppelin, while even sprinkling in some Ozzy, Outkast and The Beatles for crying out loud! Wow this is crazy good.

  • 5

    Thunder Busters

    It's a AC/DC vs Ghostbusters mashup. 'Nuff said.

  • 6

    Boulevard Of Broken Songs

    My last one features Green Day, Oasis, Travis and even Eminem. This was actually one of the first mashups I ever discovered while swiping music (Shhh) off of Limewire back in college... remember Limewire?! Wow, good times.

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