I'm an avid movie goer, heading to the theater every time a new superhero movie hits. One small (or shall I say tall) problem - movie theater chairs (typically) are NOT comfortable. It's like cramming into an airplane. People bumping into your knees every time they need to use the bathroom or get something from concessions and awkwardly in your personal space. Fortunately we now have TWO theaters we can comfortably watch a great new flick. Paragon and now Wehrenberg!

Chairs coming soon

I was out at Werehnberg for Black Panther last weekend when I saw the big announcement: Dream Loungers, coming soon!!! I was like a little kid in a candy store. Of course, I sat in one to try it out, and let me tell ya, they are amaaaazing! Like I would totally buy these for my house.

So when can you check out the new chairs? This weekend. According to their Facebook page, they officially opened several auditoriums yesterday, with all of them being filled with dream loungers in the very near future:


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