With the rise in school shootings, schools are doing everything they can think of to help avoid it. The latest attempt - banning backpacks. WCCO reports that high schools in "Texas, Illinois, Ohio, and other states have all sent word to parents that their children will have to carry their books to and from class this fall." I asked our Facebook friends what they thought. Should Minnesota ban backpacks too?

Jeannie: "If they have a plan not having a backpack won’t stop them. They’ll do it at a school event such as a football game etc. smh. All kids get punished for “what if” mentality"

Julie: "I hope they don’t ban them until all books are electronic. It’s not just between classes,but carrying 10 pounds of books home every day!?!"

Angela: "When we lived on Fort Knox, kids had to have mesh or see through plastic back packs."

Vicky: "I'm 64 years old and that is what we did. Carried all our books and notebooks and supplies back and fourth and walked to school."

It's unfortunate that we even have to discuss this. What do you think they should do? Do you think banning backpacks will help?

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