We receive a lot of nomination and read every single one that comes in. So when we saw Brittany Baker's sons request for a random act of kindness for his mom, we knew we had to respond and in a big way. Here's what he said in his submission:

I want to nominate my mom, Brittany Baker. You probably remember her from the news in December when our car got stolen. What they didn't report is that due to the stress, she went into the hospital shortly after that and stayed there for 7 weeks. She missed Christmas with us and New Years too. Then on February 4th, she hemorrhaged and delivered my sister 16 weeks early. She was 1 pound 10 ounces and super small. Since then she's been working 70 hour weeks and hasn't had a day off since then either cause we're so short on people. She sometimes works open to close and still goes to see my sister in the ISCN at Methodist. She's an amazing mom, and woman and friend. It would be cool to do a kindness for her.

Life has not been easy for the Brittany and with Clements Subaru, Mystics Lake Casino and Valley Fair's help we were able to deliver a Christmas in July to her and her family. Yes, we really did walk across downtown scooting a Christmas tree on a dolly. See Brittany and her families reaction in the video below when we surprise them. It'll make you cry.

If you’re not familiar with Subaru Love Promise, here it is. We love it!

"The Subaru Love Promise is our pledge to do right by the communities in which we all live and work. We’ve signed it, and throughout the country, our retailers are doing the same. It’s our promise to continue making a positive impact in the world and our neighborhoods."

Clements SUBARU REV 2016 boxed


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