There are so many amazing artists going on tour next year, Ed Sheeran being one of them. When he stops in the Land of 10k Lakes next summer he'll be playing US Bank Stadium up in the Cities and... we have more tickets to giveaway to get you into the show for free!

Ed Sheeran in Minnesota

Ed Sheeran's Mathematics tour will be at US Bank Stadium on August 12th. If you're a big Ed Sheeran fan you might do just about anything for tickets. We won't ask you to do anything too crazy for these tickets but we will need you to go out into the cold, Minnesota weather.

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'Shiver for Sheeran' to Win Tickets

Of course, one of Ed's most recent and most popular songs is 'Shivers'. So we played with that a little bit and are calling this contest 'Shiver for Sheeran'! All you need to do is first make sure you have the 106.9 KROC app on your phone. Then while you're out in the cold (shivering... get it?) take a picture of yourself. Then send that picture to us on the 106.9 KROC app. That's it! You're entered to win two tickets to see Ed Sheeran live in Minneapolis next summer!

To enter, tap the 'Shiver 4 Sheeran' button on the home screen of our app and upload your photo! See the screenshot below.

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Here's where to upload your photo in the 106.9 KROC App

Bundle up, get out into the cold, snap a picture, and get those Ed Sheeran tickets!

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The winner will be chosen by a random drawing of eligible entries. The contest ends on December 31, 2022.

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