'Purple Rain?' More like 'Purple Reign!'

It's hard to believe we're already approaching the one-year anniversary of Prince's death. And while his untimely and unexpected passing left a huge void in the Minnesota music scene, there's no doubt that his influence will be linked with the Land of 10,000 Lakes forever.

Back in November, Business Insider made a list of the most famous band from each state. It probably comes as no surprise that Minnesota's band was Prince and the Revolution. But let's be realistic. While the Revolution was a valuable part of who Prince was and what he ultimately became, there's no way the Revolution would have been on this list without Prince.

More than the most famous band, Prince was arguably the most famous musician - and maybe one of the most famous voices - to come out of Minnesota. That's why, a year later, we're still lamenting his death and honoring the contribution he made to music and to pop culture.

Enjoy an extra dose of Prince music from the Doc over the next few days, as we pay homage to a music legend who was taken from us too soon. RIP, Prince. RIP!

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