I remember the time when I was on a flight from Minneapolis to California a few years ago. I had just boarded the plane and found my seat when I heard an ominous noise just ahead of me: another passenger's baby screaming its face off. That's when I knew that this was going to be a long, long 4+ hour flight. And was it ever!

That's why I'm pretty intrigued after discovering that Japan Airlines recently introduced a seating chart that lets you know where infants are seated as you book your flight. GENIUS, I say! I'm surprised more companies aren't doing this already!

Now, no offense to any parents out there - but I would totally pay a little extra for a seat in a "shrieking child-free zone" for those longer flights. Is that just me? I think this seems like a great idea that our airlines in Minnesota should adopt. Are you listening, Delta? *cough*

As one of my coworkers mentioned - can this seating chart also include people who take their shoes and socks off on a flight?

What do you think? Should more airlines start doing this? Sound off in the comments!

Source: Complex

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