The La Crosse City Council is considering this ban. Should Rochester follow suit? Find out why they are passing the ban, and tell us if you think Rochester should do the same. 

According to the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Population Health Institute, Wisconsin has among the highest rates in the nation of binge drinking, chronic heavy drinking underage drinking, under age binge drinking and drinking before driving. La Crosse is one of the highest cities in Wisconsin.

Not only would selling an unlimited amount of alcohol for a fixed price be banned, but so would contests involving alcohol AND selling three or more drinks for the price of one.

Kate Konkle, an associate researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Population Health Institute told the Associated Press, "there is some evidence that this in fact does reduce excessive drinking, and that it may also potentially reduce underage drinking, reduce alcohol related crashes, and improve health outcomes."

Are there any places in Rochester that actually offer "all you can drink" specials? Other than the unlimited Bloodies? I don't think Rochester is anywhere near where we'd classify it as a "problem", but what do you think?

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