This sounds messy. Apparently, women are shaving their legs with peanut butter because of how good it is for their skin. London dermatologist Susan Mayou told the Daily Mail, "Peanut butter has a moisturizing effect because it is oily."

The Inertia agrees, "Peanut butter (creamy not chunky) can be used as a super effective shaving cream. Peanut butter is packed with natural oils that moisturize and condition the skin, and these oils act together as an effective barrier between the skin and the razor. Plus, the peanut butter leaves behind a nutty, but not overbearing, scent after you’re finished, and you won’t even need a lotion to keep your skin hydrated and smooth."

I found several people who have tried this and posted reviews online. The majority say it is really effective and leaves their skin feeling very smooth, but they all warn that cleaning peanut butter out of your razor is very difficult.

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