Everyone knows that the best part of any snow day is playing in the snow… or for those of us that are less adventurous, staying in and watching tons of Netflix.

To celebrate any looming snowmageddon-like snow storms in our young Minnesota winter, here are some great movies and TV shows to check out from the comfort of your Netflix queue!

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    Classic. Plus you already know by now which episodes/seasons are worth watching. Need I say more?

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    The Walking Dead

    Full disclosure: This show isn't for everybody, and that's why it's not at number one. There's tons of violence, and enough zombie blood n' gore to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool (and that's just after the first two seasons). But you immediately fall in love with Rick Grimes and his crew of misfits because you cheer and hold your breath for them every episode hoping they make it through another day alive with the odds stacked against them.

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    House of Cards

    House of Cards is a show I managed to get through in a matter of days (and that's saying something with a one year old kid at home). It's full of political intrigue and numerous Saved by the Bell Zach Morris-style fourth-wall breaks, plus the twists in House of Cards will keep you sweating, no matter what the temperature is outside!

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    Orange Is The New Black

    I won’t lie, I watched every episode of this dark comedy in a matter of days over my vacation last month; that's how much it will suck you in. Based on a true story, Piper (Taylor Schilling) is sent to jail when she is convicted of drug trafficking. When she finds herself in prison, she's introduced to a ton of characters that are just as strong and hilarious as the leads, which further adds to the awesomeness of this show. Samm Adams and I both agree, this is a must watch!

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    Breaking Bad

    So you're looking to make a serious commitment on your day at home, huh? "Breaking Bad" is it. AMC's landmark series might be the best thing you ever watch. But it will eat away at your time and emotions... and after watching a few episodes you'll think that's AOK.

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    Stranger Things

    BUT... if you have one day, and decide on one season...

    and you're simply looking for a show you can digest all at once, try "Stranger Things." The Netflix series was, arguably, the best show of 2016 and is sure to make you feel warm inside on that cold day after watching.

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