Exciting news came from the Rochester Downtown Alliance: SocialICE 2022 is back to its pre-pandemic fun! The event will be back to normal next year and I'm super pumped. The RDA made the big announcement yesterday.

What to Expect at SocialICE 2022

SocialICE next year (which is always held at the Peace Plaza downtown) will be like what we used to be able to enjoy at the event. There will be ice bars where we can enjoy drinks, a live DJ playing music, SocialICE FAM JAM is back, and tons of socializing. It will be so fun to be back together with everyone at this event.

Credit: Alpha Digital
Credit: Alpha Digital

What Will be Different at SocialICE 2022

The RDA says that they plan to spread SocialICE 2022 out a little more than usual so there's plenty of space for people to be separated. Typically people are tightly packed at SocialICE so it'll be nice to have that extra space. In their press release, the RDA said that during a usual SocialICE there are between 38,000 and 67,500 people.

What About COVID?

The RDA is working closely with Olmsted County Public Health when it comes to COVID. They'll adjust the event as needed if they're advised to do so. But of course, everyone is hoping that plans stay the way they are and we can get together like in past years.


When is SocialICE 2022?

SocialICE 2022 will be held February 3rd-5th, 2022. Mark your calendars! The FAM JAM day (the family-friendly day of SocialICE) is going to be Saturday, February 5th, 1-4 PM. The regular hours will be 5-9 PM on Thursday the 3rd and 4-10 PM on Friday the 4th and Saturday the 5th.

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