It's going to get bitterly cold this weekend and next week. Now is the time to cozy up and chow down on some delicious, warm food. Of course, you could cook food at home, but if you really want to relax, head out to a Rochester, Minnesota restaurant to warm up.

The Best Foods for a Cold Winter Night

There are so many foods that are perfect for a cold winter night. As long as it's warm and tasty you can't go wrong.

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Some foods that I think are perfect for cold weather, just off the top of my head, are:



Hot Dish

Homemade Tater Tot Hotdish Casserole
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Baked Pasta


Anything Spicy


Mmmmm, if I can eat a super yummy, warm meal on a cold winter night it makes the winter just a little less awful.

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Best Spots for Soup in Rochester, Minnesota

But another obvious food that's perfect for a cold winter night is any kind of soup! There are so many options when it comes to soup, too, so you can really do whatever you want.

And the only thing better than delicious soup is when someone else makes it for you!

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So I have a list of 10 places around Rochester where you can get some hot soup, perfect for this weekend and next week. Of course, these aren't all of the restaurants in town that serve soup but it's a good start!

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If you don't want to cook at some point during this cold snap, take the family to one of those restaurants. It'll be the perfect way to warm up.

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