I spotted this news on Facebook this morning and thought this was so cool! A southeast Minnesota florist is being featured in the Olympic trials for gymnastics that have been happening in Minnesota over the past few days.

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Olympics Gymnastics Trials in Minnesota

The Olympic trials for gymnastics are currently being hosted at Target Center in Minneapolis. They kicked off on Thursday the 27th.

Just yesterday, Team USA announced some of the gymnasts who will be representing us during the Olympics in Paris. They announced the Trampoline and Rhythmic teams and shared pictures of the ceremony.

The trials continue throughout the weekend, and that includes legends like Suni Lee and Simone Biles taking the floor.

2024 Xfinity U.S. Gymnastics Championships
Elsa/Getty Images

Whenever the trials for a particular category are over and the ceremony takes place, each gymnast is given a bouquet of flowers. And that's where this southeast Minnesota florist comes in.

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Southeast Minnesota Florist Grew Flowers for the Olympic Trials

There's a floral farm in Mazzepa called Bleed Heart Floral. The owner's name is Allie and she's one of the florists responsible for the bouquets held by the Olympian gymnasts heading to Paris. How cool is that?!

(Just a disclaimer, the below picture doesn't feature the bouquets the Olympians will be holding. They're just some other pretty flowers Allie grew and put into bouquets!)

Bleed Heart Floral
Bleed Heart Floral

She shared the exciting news via Bleed Heart Floral on Facebook and wrote that Northerly Flora, out of Minneapolis, and she were the ones responsible for growing the flowers held by these Olympians.

Allie writes, "Shout out to MN Sports and Events for prioritizing locally grown flowers for the US Gymnastics Trails in Minneapolis". She also gives some love to Cosmos Floral who put the bouquets together.

I love the use of local flowers for this huge event and I especially love that they utilized someone in southeast Minnesota! Way to go, Allie!

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