The Minnesota Zoo has welcomed two new residents and they're some of the cutest things I've ever seen! When I saw the announcement on Facebook I died.

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The zoo's mission is "to connect people, animals, and the natural world to save wildlife." They also have conservation programs that "protect endangered species and preserve critical ecosystems."

Minnesota Zoo 'Nature Illuminated'
Minnesota Zoo Facebook Page

Because of their dedication to helping endangered species, it's no surprise they were very excited to welcome their two newest additions.

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Minnesota Zoo Welcomes Two Baby Amur Tigers

The new residents are two baby Amur tigers! Amur tigers are an endangered species so it's awesome to see two healthy babies born at the zoo.

They were born on May 23rd according to the Facebook announcement. The zoo says that they're doing well and so is their mom, Sundari.

The babies and mom have been bonding behind-the-scenes and it sounds like they'll continue to do so for at least a little while. The zoo writes, "Our expert Animal Care and Health teams will continue to closely monitor mom and cubs over the next several weeks."

One thing I noticed is that they didn't say names for either of the baby tigers. I hope they'll hold a contest or something where we get to submit name ideas, that would be so fun!

I'm sure the zoo will provide an update when the babies are out in their enclosure for all of us to enjoy. I hope I can get there once they're out before they get too big!

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