Yesterday, Davin Sokup kicked off his bid for the 20th Senate District. The Star Tribune writes that he did so "at a brewery in Northfield Tuesday night." Davin is a carpenter who owns his own shop, he's 32, and he's also transgender. He could be Minnesota's first openly transgender legislator.

Davin's campaign focus is going to be on "issues such as affordable housing, healthcare, and the environment." He said to the Star Tribune:

It’s just getting harder and harder to afford really essential things like health care and housing in our area. While wages have really remained pretty much the same, the cost of everything has increased dramatically and that has been pushing people out of rural communities.

He currently lives in Northfield and says he also "plans to talk 'really openly' about being transgender on the campaign trail." The Star Tribune reports that Davin said, "it’s important for people struggling with their own gender identity to see people like him model 'success in being trans and being out.'”

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