And the SPAM-loving couple is coming all the way from London...

The man loves SPAM so much, he changed his name to Mark "I love SPAM" Benson. His fiance surprised him with huge news. They are coming to Minnesota to get married at the SPAM Museum! It will be the very first wedding the SPAM Museum will host, too:

The couple will be married in front of visitors and will be having a party when they return home.

According to a story in the Liverpool Echo, the couple will celebrate their honeymoon at the SPAM Jam Festival in Hawaii, the state that consumes more SPAM than any other American state.

Where does his love for SPAM come from?

“My Grandad, who fought in World War Two, used to share his rations of SPAM with the Americans and then he worked in the SPAM factory, and my uncle did, too," Benson told the Liverpool Echo.

He also eats SPAM everyday. He eats it for breakfast instead of bacon, and makes everything from pasta to pizza with SPAM.

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