They've announced their “Writer-in-Residence” competition in which someone can write about their impressions and experiences within its confines. 

Mall of America

The competition comes about as the Bloomington mall celebrates its 25th anniversary!

The Mall of America wants applicants (provided they’re aged 18 and over and are legal residents of the U.S.) to make a pitch for what they plan to write about – and they have a maximum of 150 words to convince mall judges.

Once chosen, they will put the selected writer up for four nights in one of the hotels attached to the mall as well as give them $400 in vouchers to spend on food and drink during their time spent at the mall.

The prize: a $2,500 “honorarium” payment for their services.

So what do you write about? Well with a mall that size, you would think the possibilities are endless!

Between the Sea Life Aquarium, Nickelodeon Universe and even the dozens of food vendors and restaurants, there's plenty to do, see and certainly eat.

The deadline for applications is March 10, after which 25 semifinalists will be selected and asked to submit 500-800 word essays to support their application. A winner will be chosen by a panel of experienced writers and journalists.

You can find more details HERE.

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