Is checking your Insta or Facebook really important enough that you would risk basically wiping poop all over your face?

This survey said 69 percent said they used their phone while on their toilet. (Of the ones that admitted it!) According to LiveScience, your phone has ten times more bacteria than your toilet seat does. TEN TIMES! Fecal matter is just the beginning. You can also contract bacteria that can make you really sick, like E.coli.

Let's walk through this scenario! You take your phone to the bathroom. There are germs everywhere. You flush and particles fly all over including onto your cell phone. THEN, WITHOUT CLEANING YOUR PHONE, you put it near your mouth when you make a call, or you touch your phone screen then reach up to rub your eye. It's like you are literally wiping poop on your face!!

We clean our toilets all the time because they are nasty as hell, but how many times do we clean our cell phone? I personally just disinfected my whole cell phone now and will be doing so more frequently. YUCK!

The lesson here? LEAVE your phones out of the bathroom and CLEAN them often!

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