Despite streaming services doing their best to create original series that will become the next big thing, network TV stations kind of already have the formula down. Suits, which initially ran on USA Network and is now available on Netflix and Peacock, has now spent the most consecutive weeks at #1 on Nielsen’s chart of most-streamed shows. It’s held that position for the last 12 weeks. Before that, it was tied with Ozark, which had held the #1 spot for an impressive 11 weeks.

The show takes place at a New York City law firm, and follows Mike Ross. While Ross is a masterful lawyer thanks to his photographic memory, he technically dropped out of college and hasn't completed law school. As a result, he shouldn’t technically be allowed to practice law in any kind of official capacity. Despite that, his law firm is one of the best in the city. Luckily, he also has a few friends at the firm who know his secret and are willing to protect him.

USA Network
USA Network

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The show ran for nine seasons on USA Network, with that ninth season being its final one. It makes sense that the show is so popular on streaming, because it has a pretty solid critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It's sitting at 91 percent there, while on Metacritic, the score is 65 percent. It’s part of a group of four other shows that managed to rake in more than one billion minutes of streaming time on the Nielsen most-watched chart. The others were Virgin River (1.92 billion minutes of watch time) One Piece (1.39 billion minutes), The Little Mermaid (1.37 billion) and SWAT.

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