Black Mirror is back with six new episodes.

The sci-fi anthology series — surely the biggest and most popular show of its kind since The Twilight Zone — will return for a seventh season next year, Netflix announced today.

They followed the news with a brief teaser for the new season...

While the five other episodes are still unknown, on Netflix’s Tudum website, they did reveal that the sixth episode is a rare Black Mirror sequel: It will continue the story from the Season 4 episode “USS Callister.” That episode focused on the creator of a popular online video game, played by Jesse Plemons. Mistreated (or at least he thinks he’s mistreated) at work, Plemons’ character creates a simulated reality inside the game where he can play the role of Captain Kirk and lead his co-workers on adventures inspired by (and poking fun at) the original Star Trek. 

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The description of this follow-up episode to “USS Callister” reads “Robert Daly is dead, but for the crew of the USS Callister, their problems are just beginning.”

Created in 2011 by writer and producer Charlie BrookerBlack Mirror debuted in the UK on Channel 4. Starting with the third season, the show moved to Netflix. A total of 27 episodes have been produced to date, along with an interactive special, Bandersnatch. Six episodes would match the longest seasons the show has produced to date; some years have had as few as three new episodes. (Because the series is an anthology, with different stories and entirely new casts each time, and because Netflix doesn’t air things in regular or recurring time slots, the number of episodes in each season varies wildly.)

The new season of Black Mirror will premiere on Netflix in 2025. The previous seasons are all streaming on Netflix.

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