I give the creator props for the unique idea, but I have a feeling this might "melt" his dreams - pun intended! Operating in Minneapolis right now, the Real Minnesota Snowball Machine. No my friends, this is not a joke. You can buy a handmade snowball for $1 a pop... Whew, thank goodness, because who wants to put their hand in the snow for free?

Well, the reason behind this is to give visitors a piece of Minnesota. The creator said in an interview “since we’re known for our cold, naturally that gave us the idea to sell real snowballs as souvenirs. And the best way to do that? Vending machine." BUT, the second you leave the cold, it's going to melt???...

The snowballs were made by hand and then sealed in a waterproof container. Is anybody else picturing full grown men sitting around in a circle making snowballs?

There is one thing I do appreciate about this though. Some of the proceeds will go toward a local wilderness organization that helps kids explore the great outdoors.

So where can you find this snowball machine? In an alley of the Hewing Hotel in Minneapolis’ North Loop.

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