It's heartbreaking and horrifying to watch what's happening in Ukraine right now. It's hard to see the news and the updates and just feel a little helpless. All we really can do over in the US is show our support to the Ukrainian people. One way you can do that is by attending this event in Rochester, MN today.

The event is going to take place at the Peace Plaza at 5 PM today with multiple speakers and a prayer of peace. The event is set to go for about 40 minutes. So when you're heading home from work, you can stop by downtown.

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Who Will be Speaking at the Event?

Dr. Alexandra Wolanskyj-Spinner is one of the speakers. He's a Mayo Clinic physician and Dean of Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine. He will share the history of Ukraine as well as some of his personal stories.

Also speaking will be Svetlana Vovkovinskiy, who is the mother of the late Igor Vovkovinskiy and also a nurse at Mayo Clinic. She'll be making some personal remarks about what's happening in Ukraine.

There will also be talks about how to keep Ukrainians in the US safe and how to welcome and help future immigrants from Ukraine. The Ukrainian National Anthem will be played during the event as well as a prayer for peace from Rabbi Michelle Werner of B’nai Israel Synagogue.

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