There are several families on my street with young kids and we've all been talking about how to be safe without completely ruining the fun of Halloween for over a month now. By now you are fully aware that the Minnesota Department of Health is encouraging Minnesotans to follow the CDC's Halloween safety guidelines. Those guidelines say trick or treating is not recommended.

Thankfully, the weather is going to be nice on Saturday so our neighborhood is planning a small outdoor celebration for the children. Hi-Chew Candy just conducted a survey of 2,000 adults and found most will be celebrating but are planning to do it safely.

    • 75% percent of the parents that were surveyed said they were going to take their kids trick-or-treating but only plan on visiting five houses for treats.
    • 1 in 3 parents said they were staying in their neighborhood and had already communicated with their neighbors to make sure there were no COVID-19 cases.
    • Finally, 38 percent say they’re actually excited to not have to get up to answer the door for kids seeking treats - even though those people still plan on buying candy.
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