If this isn't dangerously stupid, then I don't know what is?

Every single year, dozens or more vehicles fall through the ice across many of the seemingly frozen lakes across the Midwest. Some due to warmer than expected temperatures that melted the ice, others because the drivers took an unnecessary risk.

I'm shocked these people in the video below didn't fall into the latter category.

The footage, which was uploaded by Kellen Uptadel, shows he and some friends taking an adventurous spin around Red Lake in northern Minnesota back on President's Day.

According to this story by GOMN, the ice was reportedly 30 inches thick. Still, with it being that wet, I don't know if I would have been brave enough to jump into either of those vehicles. Regardless of how many views the video would get.

Speaking of which, it's currently been seen more than 525,000 times:

It literally looks as though Jesus is behind the wheel and driving it across the open water. Thankfully everyone made it to shore okay, with both their lives and their rides.

With all the pictures and videos we see every winter of cars and trucks sinking to the bottom of lakes, I don't care how badly you want something of yours to go viral for 15 minutes of fame... the collateral damage and potential loss of life would seemingly outweigh the risk. But that's just me.

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