American Heart Month

Warning Signs That You Are Headed For Heart Trouble
We are now in American Heart Month, but we should pay attention to our hearts all year long, not just during February. Everything else your body does is dependent on how well your heart is working, so if it's at risk of problems, you need to find out why.
Busted: 8 Common Heart-Disease Myths
Heart disease is often referred to as a "silent killer" because so many people don't realize they're at risk or have cardiovascular health issues. The malady kills about 2,200 Americans every day, making heart disease deadlier than all forms of cancer combined. And yet, there are…
One Woman's Battle with Heart Issues
Susan was diagnosed with a heart condition at a very young age, but it didn’t really start affecting her until she was in high school. Eventually, the problem got serious enough that her pediatrician told her she shouldn’t participate in sports any longer...
5 Exercises to Improve Your Heart Health
Experts will tell you that being active and getting 30 minutes of moderate exercise five times a week will improve your health. Active people tend to be fitter and generally enjoy better health. But if you're concerned about your risk of heart disease due to past issues or a family history, the…
Healthy Heart Tips
February is American Heart Month, and Olmsted Medical Center wants to share this great list of ways to help keep your heart healthy, as well with other important pieces of information from the American Heart Association.