If you have never heard of TED talks, you are missing out. TED talks have engaging innovative speakers that are looking to spread new ideas. The talks get packaged up into a video and circulated world-wide for everyone's viewing pleasure. One of my favorite TED talks is "Why we do what we do" by Tony Robbins. TEDx is a TED-like event and provides an opportunity for local independent organizers to have one in their own community. Co-organizers, Ben Creo and Barb Spurrier helped make this a reality in Rochester - hence the manifistation of TEDxZumbroRiver.

What is TEDxZumbroRiver?

TEDxZumbroRiver is a program that consists of local speakers who each have approximately 15-minutes on stage to present a powerful talk on an idea worth spreading. The event brings together storytellers and speakers with powerful insights on a variety of topics.

In 2016, TEDxZumbroRiver made its inaugural appearance in Rochester where more than 1000 attendees gathered for the one-day event, making it the largest TEDx in Minnesota.

I caught up with Ben Creo and Sheryl Barlow. Here's what they had to say about upcoming Pitch Night: Thursday, January 12, 2017. They're accepting speaker applications now.

If you missed last year’s event, watch the speaker videos and highlights from 2016.

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