If you've ever joined, or are a member of a gym then you know exactly what I'm talking about because every place has one, if not multiple offenders from my list below.

Full disclosure before I give you my list: I LOVE my gym. It's been one of the best ones I've ever been a part of since I started lifting weights back in college. The staff is super friendly and it's always clean. I look forward to going there during the week all the time and it's the perfect start to my day! Having said all that, it's definitely not immune to any of the stereotypes you see on TV or the big screen when it comes to the characters you see roaming around the machines and equipment... especially the Gym Bro.

Urban Dictionary defines Gym Bro as someone who tends to over-criticize their bodies. They also tend to be more fit than anyone. Their dedication is unmatched, yet respect is always given to other gym bros... however, sometimes that "dedication" comes off as arrogance, and that's where this term can be seen as negative.

Here are the 12 different types of Gym Bros you'll see at any gym:

  • 1

    The Socializer

    He's always roaming around and talking on his phone, probably to no one on the other end but he still wants to look important. Can normally hear his entire conversations across the gym too. Also likes to check in with you from time to time, even though you don't really "know" each other outside of the gym.

  • 2

    The (Mirror) Flexer

    You wonder if he owns any at home the way he idolizes his reflection at the gym? He constantly checks his “progress” in the mirror, while also secretly hoping the cute girl working out next to him notices it also. Will also take pics of 'said progress' for “documentation” - A.k.a. his “Gains” picture gallery on Facebook or Instagram.

  • 3

    The Protein Fiend

    He's sloppy and leaves a powdery mess everywhere after mixing another protein shake in the locker room. Loves to tout how awesome it is to anyone within ear shot.

  • 4

    The Zoner

    Loves to claim several machines at once and stakes that as his "area". Don't try and step anywhere inside his domain because he'll let you know about it. You usually don't have a clue what he's talking about because he's usually chatting it up with "The Socializer" or "The Expert".

  • 5

    The Grunter

    No explanation needed here. He's just loud AF as he makes it sound like he's trying to lift a bus.

  • 6

    The Expert

    Always feels the need to share his advice whether you asked for it or not. Usually the biggest, tannest dude in the gym. (Also see: The Contender)

  • 7

    The Dancer/Singer

    Ya know the saying “Dance like nobody's watching”? Well he takes this to heart, even though EVERYONE can see him grooving to a beat that only he can hear. It’s probably a Taylor Swift break-up jam, but how do we know for sure it's not? He also likes to rap the wrong words out loud too.

  • 8

    The Spotter

    He's always asking if you want help with a lift. While you appreciate his concern, you also know your own limits. Plus, he's normally the last guy you'd ask for help because you're just going to hear about his journey up to that point. (Also see: The Expert)

  • 9

    The Ladies Man

    He usually sets up shop around the potentially single/prettiest girl in the gym. 99.9% she’s NOT interested, and yet he still plans his routine around her particular workout that day. Could also be known as "The Stalker".

  • 10

    The Contender

    He’s the guy who’s always in training mode because his next big event is always coming up. He's seen carrying a gallon of water around, along with his gym bag that's packed with protein bars and other snacks to help with his gains. More than likely the tannest guy in the gym (Also see: The Zoner)

  • 11

    The Fashionista

    He's covered head to toe in all the best name-brand gym gear. Usually struts into the gym (shades and all) like he’s an NBA player heading to the locker room before a prime time game. He likes to sport a headband, multiple armbands, compression pants (or dude leggings as I like to call'em), and of course Bose headphones are all part of his repertoire.

  • 12

    The Friendly Senior

    While he's necessarily not considered a gym bro, every gym still has at least one. There's also nothing wrong with this one either. He usually knows every member and isn’t really there to “work out” but to socialize and talk sports/town gossip. I know several at my gym, and I thoroughly enjoy talking to each and every one of them.

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