I get a lot of questions about what it's like to be a radio announcer. So I decided to put together a list to give you a little peak at the inside. Here's the A to Z guide on what it's like working in radio.

A - Archive commercials. In all seriousness, we love making them as much as you like listening to them!

B - Be awesome

C - Create magic

D - Dare to be different and drink a lot of coffee

E - Educate the public

F - Fake happiness (LOL... it happens to the best of us)

G - Google sh*t haha

H - Hurry to the point. Ain't nobody got time for your long tangents.

I - Ignore the haters

J - Just do it!

K - Kick yourself for saying something stupid

L - Live, Laugh, Love #because

M - Make fun of yourself

N - Never use naughty language

O - Open up

P - Pee during commercial breaks (hurry)

Q - Quarantine when one is sick. We share microphones - think about it.

R - Realize you can't please em all

S - Socialize with the outside world

T - Talk (obviously)

U - Uncork the wine... ;)

V - Voice your opinion, and expect your listeners to disagree

W - Wish you were as famous as Ryan Seacrest

X - X-rated jokes - save those for home!

Y - Yawn. You try getting up at the butt crack of dawn everyday for 8 years...

Z - zzz, I nap like a toddler! Life of a morning show co-host



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