We had a garage sale over the weekend, and I was going through all my old stuff. In one of my purses I found a tip I got probably five years ago. I absolutely had to share, because not only is it a huge tip, it's super cool and doesn't seem real... 

I don't remember the whole story, but I remember getting the tip and thinking how "priceless" it was. The man that gave it to me was in the military. I thought it was so neat, I didn't want to cash it! I honestly didn't even know what it was worth, nor did I care. It's kind of ironic, because at that time in my life, I definitely could have used the money.

10000 Afghanis

Working at Chester's was amazing, because there were so many out-of-towners that were here for Mayo. It was truly a unique experience - meeting people from all over the world!

One family went to Chocolaterie Stam, and bought me chocolates and a card AFTER I waited on them.

Another cool "tip" I got was from this amazing woman who had just been on an incredible trip in a different country (I don't recall exactly where), but she gave me a necklace made out of magazines. I still have that hanging in my house.

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