I'm not sure I believe this one! We make casserole out of this food. Do you hate it? 

Supposedly, Minnesotans HATE green beans! I mean, I don't love beans, but I definitely don't hate them. I do hate tomatoes though; ham and sour cream too - yuck!

This study was done by a new dating app called Hater that matches people up by the stuff they say they HATE.

Here are the highlights for Minnesota, and the states surrounding us:

  • Minnesota - hates green beans.
  • Iowa - Quinoa
  • Wisconsin - Lunchables (haha whaaat?)
  • South Dakota -  Expensive cheese plates
  • North Dakota - Tapas

To check out some of the other states, click here. 

What do you think? Do you agree? Do you love, or hate beans?


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