We all have those fun memories with dad. My dad used to sing rap songs and dance in the car - the dashboard was his keyboard of course! Sadly, the only place this video is saved is in my noggin, BUT I went on a little YouTube hunt to find the best dad videos. Here's what I found. 

The best videos include a little girl who refuses to wish her grandpa a happy Father's Day, a couple of dad's singing about the dad life, and a salute to all dad's! Enjoy!

  • Little Girl Refuses to Say Happy Father's Day

    This seriously had me in tears, I was laughing so hard. "He ain't my daddy.. he's my papa"

  • A Salute To Dads

    I HAD to use this video, because this is MY dad! I mean, not literally, but my dad did this stuff ALL THE TIME! He still does it when we are at the dinner table for holidays...

  • It's the Dad Life

    I did a blog yesterday about how to spot a Minnesota Dad. This video, nailed it!

  • How to Spot a Minnesota Dad

    Father’s Day is this weekend. In honor of that, I scoped out Facebook for pictures that scream “Minnesota Dad!” Here are some of my favorites.


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