I want to find the person that created this challenge and give them the best high five they've ever had! The latest social media challenge is by far the greatest I've witnessed and something we should definitely all be participating in. Get this, people are cleaning as a challenge.

No lie, it's the #TrashTag challenge and it's gone viral. People all around the world are taking the challenge and posting proof on their social media pages. While I'm assuming this is mostly happening in Southern states where they can see the ground, I wanted to share it because we are days away from finally seeing the lovely brown grass. When that happens, I nominate all of you to participate.

Speaking of cleaning up litter in our area, you can help make Rochester A Litter Bit Better this April. The campaign started back in 2007, and every spring since, more and more volunteers help clean up ditches, parks, boulevards and more. Want to volunteer? Click here to learn more. 

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