On Sunday Americans will gather with friends and family to watch the Super Bowl and eat. So what are people in Minnesota going to be making for their Super Bowl Party?


A Mexican-Style Chili Feast
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According to delish.com, chili is the most searched Super Bowl party recipe in Minnesota this year. Chili is the perfect thing to prepare because you can leave it on in the crock-pot all day.





So what else will people be eating and drinking?

Americans will spend  $2.3 billion on booze, $500 million on chips, $99 million on meat snacks (beef jerky, cocktail weenies, and pigs in a blanket),  $82 million on chicken wings,  $71 million on cheese snacks and $13 million on veggie trays.

Like sandwiches? Dunken and Samm are giving away Subway Party Platters with their Burning Question on Thursday and Friday. Listen to win and let us feed your guests!

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