People are making YouTube videos all across the world. Curious Samm over here, scrolling through cat videos at work, started wondering: "what are the most-viewed videos coming from our area?" So, I found them. Here are the most viewed videos from Rochester, MN:

Welcoming Planet Fitness to Rochester was a pretty big deal - nearly 450,000 people watched the tour.

Aaah, the infamous blizzard of 2019. Southern Minnesota and parts of Wisconsin and Iowa were under a No Travel Advisory for several days after more than a foot of snow dumped on us with wind gusts reported at up to 55mph. Even tow trucks, snowplows, and emergency army vehicles were getting stuck trying to rescue the people who "braved the storm."

A big day for Trump followers. Several videos of the president's visit to Rochester were in top 10 most-viewed.

Another Rochester visit that had YouTubers glued to their screen, Richard Dawkins at the Mayo Civic Center in 2015.

I expected to see so many Mayo videos - the singing doctor Elvis or huge medical breakthroughs. However, the most viewed is a patient video guide.

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