It's not often I pay attention to a name change from a fan page I've liked on Facebook. However, when this company switched it's name this weekend, I definitely took notice because of all the rumors that have been swirling as of late.

"This isn't your dad's burger place, Jerry!"

That was the message that scrolled across the third, and final installment of a 3-part YouTube mini-series that the new Hot Chip, formally ZZest Cafe & Bar has been posting on their Facebook page the past few weeks.

Last month the popular ZZest Cafe & Bar closed its doors due to owners Jerry and LeeAnn Zubay retiring, and now we've finally learned what their children Jason and Lindsay Zubay have been up too.

Coming soon, Hot Chip Burger Bar will open its doors to the public and we'll have another delicious option to grab a burger in Rochester.

You can watch Chapters 1 & 2 HERE.

According to the Med City Beat, the menu will feature 16 unique burgers, including some vegetarian options as well.

However, judging by their recent videos and restaurants logo, this doesn't appear to be your average burger joint. If the staff and its menu is as fun and creative as their short films, then I have no doubt this place will be a hit..

I, for one, am more than excited to check this out and it sounds like it won't be much longer until we get the opportunity as it's expected to open in early winter.

  • Credit: Zzest Facebook
    Credit: Zzest Facebook

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